Sustainability and Energy Education

The way we use energy is not only a major environmental issue, but also impacts on economic and social development. Energy education programmes offer an effective tool to help combat the global issue of energy conservation.

The UK government is committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals which are embedded in each government department. These 17 Sustainable Development Goals were agreed by world leader at the UN in 2015. Within these goals there is eradicate extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, end hunger, to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all and take action to combat climate change and its impacts. A full list of the Sustainable Development Goals can be found here:

In the past there are been several sustainable school’s schemes from the Department for Education.  The department of education is committed to sustainable development and believe it is important to prepare young people for the future. There are several ways of which this can be done, such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and reducing energy use within your school.

Sustainability and energy education can raise standards and enhance young people well-being. From the Evidence of Impact of Sustainable Schools (see site manager and head teacher resources section) showed that adding sustainability into your school’s development plan can improve teaching and learning as it adds a meaningful, real-world experiences that young people come across in their everyday lives. These educational experiences can be cross-curriculum and can add depth to your curriculum. As well as, improving your school’s building and surrounding.

There are many ways in which sustainability and energy education teaching can improve your school setting. There is also a similarity between sustainable school practices and STEM education, which focuses on cross-curriculum teaching and learning practices and real-life learning experience. Therefore, STEM at Educator Solutions are proud to have received funding for the CERF (Carbon and Energy Reduction Fund) to provide a new energy education program for educational establishments on behalf of Norfolk County Council. This new Energy Education program will teach pupils about the importance of saving energy as well complementing other areas of the curriculum.  


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