The robots and goblins have arrived!

9th September, 2016

Look out for our two new exciting STEM pilot projects arriving soon.

Robotics Roadshows – making coding fun and easy to teach!

Educating pupils on the fundamental principles of computer science via these unique, programmable, quick-fit construction kits which can be built into multiple exciting robots.

The roadshows will inspire pupils and support the curriculum. This innovative STEM project also has the potential to link to a national robotics competition.

The roadshows are taking place at The Kinesis Centre, Norwich City Football Club throughout November and December.


IET Formula Goblin

This is a project designed for schools which inspires children to get hands on with engineering, technology and science in a stimulating and contextual learning experience.

The project allows children to build their own fully functioning and driveable clean energy electrical kart.  They can also race them locally against other rival schools! Regional and national races can also be entered as part of the Formula Goblin series. This project is fully sustainable and the Goblin kart can be reused and fully rebuilt with each new group. This is also a great way to get local business, parents and the community involved.

Our inspiring ‘hands on’ event, taking place at The Kinesis Centre, Norwich City Football Club on 13th October will introduce  headteachers, teaching staff and parents to the massive learning potential of the Goblin project and tell you how your school can get involved. This exciting and innovative STEM project is working with Greenpower Trust, who currently work with over 500 schools across the country

Further details for both projects will be published soon but please feel free to contact our STEM Coordinator Bernice Dixie if you would like to get involved now.

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