Variety is the spice of maths - feedback

6th December, 2017

Firstly thanks to all attendees for a fantastic day! - Anna Hogg, Education Adviser (Specialising in Mathematics)

Wow! What an incredible experience to really dig deep into the world of variation. Through the keynote session there was a steady “mathematical murmur” as we all grappled with measuring using Cuisenaire Rods until the mid-point task built the “cognitive fizz” and the corks popped with real understanding of how to explicitly teach through variation. Professor Anne Watson was impressed with the level of engagement from Norfolk Teachers and their confidence to explore a concept through a different lens. Well done everyone!

Our workshops enabled us to hear about good classroom practice to develop children’s mathematical thinking with transferable ideas to share with colleagues. As always the workshops were inspiring and often practical in their approach to build mathematicians for the future.

Following on from the Mathematics Conference there will be further exploration of the EFF recommendations through some twilights in 2018, a fraction project to tackle effective teaching and learning through lesson study plus some new resource development to support the CPA approach.  


  • "Thinking how to vary a task. Knowing the importance of thinking carefully about what examples and questions to use so that all of our children can make generalisations and connections."  (Tiff Jones - Wells Primary School)
  • "It reminded me of scientific experiments altering (varying) one part to see the relationships to other elements."  (Dawn Solomka - QTR)
  • "Pretty much all of the keynote was cognitive fizz - let’s sell it in bottles!" (Cherri Molesley - Independent Consultant.)


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