Our Summer Term Newsletter

16th May, 2018

Lots in store for this summer term ...we are talking about:

  • Are you ready for statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)? Take our free online self-assessment  to find out. You can also request your free sample extract to help with your planning now by e-mailing us.
  • Curriculum Development – our new Curriculum Package includes The Curriculum Toolkit, an online resource together with options of training and consultancy to help make the best use of the Toolkit and support curriculum development. Download your free Curriculum RAG tool to identify areas you need to develop here. You can also request your free copy of our Curriculum RAG tool to help with your planning by e-mailing us.
  • Summer Term Courses – please download our remaining summer term courses.
  • Education Job Finder – schools now have a new way to recruit new staff with the launch of the Education Job Finder – please click here to view.
  • New English Networks – our new English Networks are designed to support primary and secondary middle/senior leaders who wish to work and learn together as they bring about sustained school improvement and navigate educations ever-changing landscape. For more information please click here.
  • The Big Sing! Well done to over 100 schools who took part in the first ever Norfolk Big Sing! Please click for more information.
  • STEM Mini Sessions – our half day mini sessions are available now! 
  • Norfolk Children’s University – congratulations to Millie, aged 9 from Scarning Primary who won our leveret design competition! Find out more about Norfolk Children's University.  
  • Your adventure starts here! Our new season of Outdoor educational programmes are available now! Full details about a huge range of inspirational opportunities at Whitlingham Adventure and Holt Hall.

And much much more ...download the Full Summer Term 2018 Newsletter here.

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