Top tips for preparing for statutory RSE

13th July, 2018

At Educator Solutions we are passionate about supporting schools to meet the challenge of delivering effective RSE in readiness for statutory RSE September 2020. With new RSE legislation due out any day now our specialist RSE Adviser has three top-tips to ensure you can relax over the summer holidays, knowing you have made a start towards preparing for statutory RSE.

  1. Add ‘preparing for statutory RSE’ to your school SIDP.
  2. Complete the free RSE online self-assessment to identify what steps you need to take in the new academic year.
  3. Ask your current year 6 or year 10 pupils:
  • What have you have found interesting to learn about in RSE?
  • What else would you have liked to learn about in RSE?
  • What could make RSE better in our school?

This will ensure that your future RSE curriculum planning is relevant and needs-led, ensuring effective impact.

Our RSE support will provide you with everything you need to be ready for statutory RSE through our flexible packages including RSE Resources, training and bespoke consultancy, find out more here.


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