NQT Induction 2019/20

28th August, 2019

Reminder to register your newly qualified teacher

Norfolk Appropriate Body (NAB) are the largest, most experienced local Appropriate Body. We continue to provide Schools and NQTs with a robust programme of support, advice and guidance. Our scheme is underpinned by our drive to recruit and retain the best teachers. We ensure compliance of the statutory regulations so all NQTs receive a personalised programme of support to give them the best start.

We offer:

  • Support from a dedicated, experienced team
  • Access to a suite of resources
  • An annual conference
  • Termly workshops for NQTs
  • Mentor training
  • Support package for vulnerable NQTs

Registering your NQT with Norfolk Appropriate Body

All schools/ institutions using Norfolk Appropriate Body (NAB) should register their newly appointed NQTs on our electronic on-line system, NQT Manager. NQT Manager is a paperless, online system for recording data securely, submitting assessments, accessing resources, raising alerts and managing NQTs during induction. NQT co-ordinators or head teachers can access the system by following this link: https://norfolk.nqtmanager.com/Login.aspx 

Find out more about our NQT offer here.

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