Mathematics: Reaching the Expected Standard and Beyond at KS2

20th November, 2018

Friday 23rd November 2018 08:30 - 12:00
£25 per delegate, Norwich
Keynote: Craig Barton

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Join us to explore what you can do in your classroom to make your pupils better mathematicians, with the help of nationally renowned mathematics expert Craig Barton and the Educator Solutions Mathematics team.

This innovative seminar and workshop format will enable you to not only hear from Craig Barton (author of the best-selling ‘How I Wish I’d Taught Maths’), but also select from one of three focused workshops, allowing you to follow and work towards your school’s chosen priorities.

In his seminar, Craig will share how he has harnessed evidence-informed approaches to transform his teaching and make his pupils better mathematicians. He will delve into exactly what his practice now looks like, why he made key strategic decisions and how critics have responded to his choices.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from local and national experts about what makes effective teaching and learning in mathematics at KS2 and leave with practical strategies and approaches to take back to the classroom.

On the day you will be able to select from one of our three KS2 workshop allowing you to follow and work towards your school's chosen priorities:

Raising Attainment in Mathematics
Rose Keating, Education Adviser, Mathematics

Leave this workshop with the knowledge gained from Rose's Norfolk QLA and curriculum analysis, plus guidance on what this information means for your teaching and scheme of work.

Rose will share her insight into the 2018 KS2 mathematics tests, dispelling myths and sharing facts so you can better prepare your pupils for 2019 testing and beyond. During the workshop you will gain insight into the question level analysis for 2018 papers, understand nationally which questions children found most challenging and which parts of the curriculum are really being tested.

Understanding Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Anna Hogg, Education Adviser, Mathematics
Walk away from this workshop equipped with a variety of activities and ideas to use in the classroom plus the principles idea of developing conceptual understanding in fractions.

Anna will share her pedagogical knowledge of fractions, showing how conceptual and procedural understanding can be developed together, enabling your KS2 pupils to fully grasp this topic. During this workshop you will consider why many children lack the deep understanding of common fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers which are often related to a range of misconceptions which they have developed over time.

Developing Times Tables Fluency
Sarah Jay, Education Adviser, Mathematics
Leave this workshop with a greater understanding of fluency for multiplication and a variety of activities to support children’s understanding of the ‘times tables’.

Sarah will share her teaching ideas for fluency builders, focusing on using connections and developing understanding enabling your KS2 pupils to rely less on memorisation. During this workshop you will reflect on why understanding the answers to the ‘times tables’ is fundamental to multiplication and multiplicative reasoning and that being fluent is more than the ability to remember the answers.

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