Primary Maths Professional networks - spaces still available

15th September, 2018

Following the success of our 2017/2018 Primary Mathematics Professional Network we would like to invite you to join our 2018/2019 Primary Mathematics Professional Network. The network consists of three full-day sessions held over the academic year. Delegates will have the opportunity to access an additional twilight from our series of six EEF Improving Mathematics at Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 twilights.

Our Primary Mathematics Professional Networks are designed to:

  • Prioritise the Subject Leadership responsibilities for the forthcoming months
  • Provide local and national updates that are specific to Mathematics
  • Enable the sharing of good practice for the teaching of mathematics
  • Create opportunities to practice Mathematics and unpick how to teach “tricky” concepts
  • Explore in depth focus for internal CPD follow up sessions
  • Provide time to reflect on Mathematics within specific school context alongside action planning

We offer a choice packages and dates across the Autumn, Sping and Summer terms, find out more here or book online here.

We value your feedback, please do get in touch

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