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7th January, 2019

Let's Think In English - KS1 & KS2

Develop your pupil’s metacognition and help equip them with the resilience and reasoning skills needed for success in reading using this King’s College London developed approach.

We are pleased to be offering our Lets Think in English courses in the Spring term.

Based on 30 years’ research at King’s College London, Let’s Think in English trains teachers to use fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts to develop pupils meta cognition, an approach described by the Education Endowment Foundation as having consistently high levels of impact. 

Kings College London’s Michael Walsh will train delegates to deliver a suite of high-interest lessons designed to be used fortnightly to make children more aware of their thinking processes and how they think most effectively, giving them a better ability to understand and express their ideas. 

Delegates will benefit from regular meetings across the time period to share their experience of teaching Let’s Think in English and to clarify how the programme is delivered to best effect. They will enjoy the opportunity to work collaboratively, discuss their ideas, observe sessions, reflect upon the impact on their own practice as well as learn how they can embed the approach more widely across their school. 


  • Developed awareness of how children learn and the importance of meta-cognition
  • Develop children’s meta-cognition in English through confidently delivering the Let’s Think In English lessons
  • Recognise benefits of the approach and apply new found skills to other areas of the curriculum
  • Be active member of a ‘hub’ and develop own practice through reflection
  • Enjoy being part of a focussed CPD model which promotes whole school dissemination.

Find out more about dates, venues and costs starting on the 29th Jan 2019 or contact us on 01603 307710.  

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