7 days to register your school for FREE DfE Training!

22nd March, 2019

Schools must sign-up by 16.00 on Fri 29 March - you can sign-up for FREE here.

We are delighted to announce that Educator Solutions is partnering with the Anti-bullying Alliance and Sex Education Forum to offer Norfolk schools a FREE programme of support.

The Learn Equality, Live Equal programme is a 12-week, realistic 3-step approach that has been designed with busy schools in mind. It offers:

  • 4 focused CPD training sessions for 2 members of staff, with access to online CPD training for all staff
  • Digital tools and resources to support a whole-school approach, log actions and measure progress
  • Access to an expert advisor who will support you to review and change school policies, curriculum, and practises to develop an inclusive school.

This is a timely opportunity for Norfolk schools to:

  • Develop an effective whole-school strategy to reduce HBT bullying
  • Be proactive in tackling poor mental health that disproportionately impacts on LGBT young people
  • Be compliant with the Equalities Act
  • Embed best-practice teaching of Relationships and Sex Education, in readiness for the new legislation.

Participating schools will be able to receive accreditation and an award for their participation.

Sign-up today to take part in the FREE Learn Equality, Live Equal programme and enable your school to effectively address, tackle and challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

For more information on the programme please view the below PDF.

Please note schools must register by 16.00 on Fri 29 March.

Please call us on 01603 307710 or email enquiry@educatorsolutions.org.uk with any questions.

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