RSE Day - 27th June 2019!

20th June, 2019

RSE Day asks everyone to consider their role in promoting healthy relationships and positive sexual health - whether as a parent/carer, an educator, a faith leader, a councillor, a health practitioner, a friend or family member.

The overall aim of RSE Day is to improve the quality and reach of relationships and sex education provided for children and young people by celebrating good practice RSE on an annual national day. Good quality RSE needs to happen all year round, with a planned curriculum, but 27th June is an opportunity to start new conversations and share what you are doing with others.

What happens on RSE Day?

On 27th June 2019, schools, teachers, young people, families and the wider community are invited to:

  • Hold RSE activities in your local school or education setting using ideas from our RSE day ideas lists
  • Use social media, such as twitter, to share your RSE activities with pride and confidence – follow @RSE_day and use the hashtags #RSEday and #RSEtogether
  • Tell your local community about your RSE activities through a newsletter, web-site update, local newspaper or other media
  • Take an active role supporting RSE – this could be simple as having a conversation at home about RSE activities happening on the day.

How can Educator Solutions support you with your RSHE preparation?

  1. Understand what you need to do with our FREE online compliance calculator
  2. Contact us to arrange your FREE telephone consultation to understand what you need to do to become ready!
  3. Add preparing for RSHE to your SIDP
  4. Identify a link governor - they have six key areas of responsibility in the new guidance. Educator Solutions Governor Services are providing free training to schools that subscribe to their services. Schools that do not subscribe can book places here.
  5. Identify a high-quality teaching resource and training that is up-to-date with the new guidance. Take a look at our gold standard RSE Solution Resources and training.

For more information on how we can help you prepare for RSHE please see here.

Detailed information for RSE Day 2019 extracted from the Sex Education Forum. For more information on working together for quality relationships and sex education please view the Sex Education Forum's website.

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