Just 150 school days left to get ready for statutory RSHE!

6th November, 2019

Just 150 school days left to get ready for statutory RSHE!

From September 2020, all schools must be ready to meet the new statutory Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (RSHE) guidance. 

At Educator Solutions we are very aware of the challenges educational establishments may face and our carefully planned RSHE Solution flexible programme of training, curriculum resources and strategic framework tools will ensure participants are enabled to deliver the highest quality RSHE provision, tailored to the bespoke needs of their individual school communities, through a whole-school approach that can make a real difference to the health and well-being of pupils, attendance and attainment. Our RSHE support will provide your school with everything you need to be ready for statutory RSHE through our flexible menu of training, support and resources including:

  • Statutory RSHE Support Package – this package combines all the benefits of our gold-standard RSE Solution curriculum with high-quality, evidence-based professional development together with a suite of tools to ensure your setting is fully enabled to deliver effective RSHE
  • Our gold standard RSE Solution Resources - a resource that enables a spiral curriculum from KS1 to end of KS4, ensuring all pupils receive equitable and seamless provision of RSE as they progress through their education in your area
  • Identify a link governor - they have six key areas of responsibility in the new guidance. Educator Solutions Governor Services are providing free training to schools that subscribe to their services. Schools that do not subscribe can book places here
  • Training courses – our range of training has been developed by Josie, to ensure teachers are ready and confident to enjoy teaching effective, evidence based RSHE
  • Our free compliance calculator – which asks 46 questions to enable schools to self-assess their current position across 10 main areas. A RAG report is then provided which identifies areas for development in readiness for the new guidance (Please feel free to start using our updated free Compliance Calculator straight away in your school)
  • Regular eBulletins – including expert advice, recommendations from the PSHE Association, Ofsted updates, case studies and essential next steps. You can sign-up to receive all future free eBulletins here
  • RSHE Teaching Skills inset - a 2.5 hour RSHE Teaching Skills inset which will provide your staff with briefing on the new guidance; knowledge of evidence-based teaching in RSHE; the ability to create a safe, democratic learning environment; confidence in age-appropriate, inclusive and effective teaching of challenging Sex Education lessons (including answering ‘tricky’ questions) and strategies to assess RSHE teaching and learning. Contact us for more information and to book your place.

For more information please email us or call us on 01603 307710.

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