NQT Talent Pool

8th January, 2020

Are you currently working through teacher training and looking to secure a teaching post for September 2020?  If so, why not consider applying to our NQT Talent Pool? 

Our NQT Talent Pool is proactively promoted to customers across Norfolk and Suffolk, so we can help maximise your chances of finding a suitable first post.

The application form invites you to tell us what you’re looking for – eg what you want to teach and the general geographical area you would be interested in working in.  As well as customers contacting us to view the NQT Talent Pool once they have advertised we may also have customers who contact us in advance of advertising so being in the pool may get you ahead of the pack in those cases.

Being in the NQT Talent Pool will not prevent you from making applications direct to recruiting schools if you wish, but it will increase your chances of securing a suitable post early on.

We value your feedback, please do get in touch

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