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Energy Consumption

20th March, 2018

Energy consumption is a major global issue (Pérez-Lombard et al, 2008). Over the last few years big energy companies are trying to make us more aware of how much energy we are actually using, by giving away Smart Meter in our homes (Smartenergygb.org, 2018). You can watch the pennies add up every time you switch the kettle on.

Getting your pupils to understand why we should turn off the light after we leave a classroom, can be a challenge.

STEM has developed a new pupil experience which will enable pupils to explore a well-known landmark and its energy usage. The pupils learn about how much energy Norwich City Football Club uses to run the floodlights, advertising boards, heating the pitch and much more.

After an energy tour around the Football Club grounds, the pupils work in teams to come up with an energy saving proposal for the Football Club. Using real figures they recorded from the tour and applying these figures to their energy saving knowledge to reduce the football ground energy bill!

All of this experince is packaged up and is called ‘Using Energy!’ which we are offering to all schools. This innovative STEM/Energy project has the potential to link into a carry on project, looking at how their school uses energy, and how simple changes can be made around the school.

The pupils that have faced the challenge of reducing the Norwich City Football Club energy bill, have on our evaluations, shown to double in their knowledge of ways to save energy in comparison to before the session.

One hundred percent of the adults who have attended the session with the energy warrior pupils stated that the pupils had more knowledge in terms of energy issues following the Using Energy! Experience. 

A Teacher from one of the sessions said ‘Overall the children thoroughly enjoyed the day” One boy said "this is the best trip ever. I'm so glad I was picked to come”’ and another said ‘The children will remember the day and many will associate learning with strong memories so it will embed.’

Do you think your class could take on the challenge and reduce Norwich City Football Club’s energy usage?

If you are a Norfolk School or Academy funding is available to help you take advantage of this unforgettable learning experience. To find out more please e-mail STEM@Educatorsolutions.org.uk or call 01603 307715.

Specific Using Energy details are available to the download here.


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