English Consultancy

The English team offers a wide range of consultancy to empower schools to raise standards.

We can offer sustainable, proven and practical solutions tailored to the context of your setting and your staff needs. We will listen and work with you to analyse your needs, explore the issues together and jointly plan your next steps. We are committed to joint working, to bring about improved standards in English teaching, through developing teachers and subject leaders.

Here are some ways we can help:

  • English Review – This can include observations, book sampling, pupil interviews and schemes of work scrutiny followed by a report with recommendations for improvement.
  • English subject leader support and development – This can include interpreting data, action planning, observations, reviewing policies. 
  • English Planning – This can include a review of current planning, designing new yearly overviews, and lesson preparation.
  • Writing Moderation Support – This can include working 1-to-1 with a teacher or alongside a group of teachers to improve their skills of assessing and moderating pupils’ writing.

If you would like to explore one of these options further or are looking for something else, please contact our English adviser, Sara Matthews, to discuss your training needs.  Please call via our support team 01603 307710.



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