Primary English Professional Networks

Book Network One: 21 Sep or 23 Sep or 24 Sep | all 16:00 - 17:00
Book Network Two : 2 Nov or 3 Nov or 4 Nov | all 16:00 - 17:00

Networks three to six will take place over spring and summer term 2021. 

Our network sessions enable subject leaders to keep up to date with an ever-changing educational landscape. By using our tried and tested framework, the networks offer a wealth of opportunities for teachers to come together, share ideas and develop their roles. Out network sessions are hosted by our Specialist English Advisers, with a deep understanding of both the teaching and leading of English. We also understand the specific needs of Norfolk schools, making the networks really relevant for delegates.

What are the benefits?

Networks equip delegates with essential knowledge they need to be effective subject leaders. They receive a curated selection of the most important local and national updates alongside key practice developments in English, giving them confidence to make decisions in school. Each session includes a specific subject leader focus to ensure that delegates are able to act effectively. We maintain a consistent subject knowledge focus across sessions; driven by the delegates, this ensures that all training and support is relevant to their needs.

The networks also consider common themes of assessment, monitoring and staff support, giving subject leaders practical in-school strategies.

Subject leaders also have an opportunity to collaborate with others in similar positions. These partnerships are hugely beneficial and leave delegates refocused, reassured and inspired in their role back in schools. To further support this process, delegates have access to English advisers, who can offer school-specific support and guidance on the day.

What's involved?

Each Network session consists of one 60-minute live webinar with breakout rooms and a group Padlet. After attending the webinar you will receive an additional downloadable 30-minute recorded session and a ‘how to’ guide.

The live webinar will:

  • Focus on updates in English education including, DfE, STA, Ofsted, and Subject Associations
  • Provide delegates with the opportunity to share good practice and network with other primary English subject leaders.

The downloadable pre-recorded CPD session will focus on:

  • An aspect of subject leadership and will include a short ‘how to’ guide, which, if you take part in all six Networks, will build up over the year to provide clear guidance and support about being an effective primary English subject leader.

We're repeating the content of Network One over four days in September and Network Two four days in November to provide you with a choice of when is best for you. You can secure your chosen date and time here.

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