Primary English Professional Networks

Our network sessions enable subject leaders to keep up to date with an ever-changing educational landscape. By using our tried and tested framework, the networks offer a wealth of opportunities for teachers to come together, share ideas and develop their roles. Out network sessions are hosted by our Specialist English Advisers, with a deep understanding of both the teaching and leading of English. We also understand the specific needs of Norfolk schools, making the networks really relevant for delegates.

What are the benefits?

Networks equip delegates with essential knowledge they need to be effective subject leaders. They receive a curated selection of the most important local and national updates alongside key practice developments in English, giving them confidence to make decisions in school. Each session includes a specific subject leader focus to ensure that delegates are able to act effectively. We maintain a consistent subject knowledge focus across sessions; driven by the delegates, this ensures that all training and support is relevant to their needs.

The networks also consider common themes of assessment, monitoring and staff support, giving subject leaders practical in-school strategies.

Subject leaders also have an opportunity to collaborate with others in similar positions. These partnerships are hugely beneficial and leave delegates refocused, reassured and inspired in their role back in schools. To further support this process, delegates have access to English advisers, who can offer school-specific support and guidance on the day.

What's involved?

Over the year, the English Subject Leader networks involve three full-day sessions. During these, delegates have the chance to share and celebrate good practice taking place in their school, and to contribute to focused discussions. Each full day session (autumn, spring and summer) will offer a choice to join one of three themed groups focusing on a specific aspect of English subject leadership. The theme groups will dentify priorities participants will have the opportunity to work collaboratively over the course of the year. Three structured twilight sessions will be hosted between each network day, providing access to expert advice and support and guiding subject leader actions in school for maximum impact. Participants will also have access to an online repository of support materials to assist them in school.

New for the 2019-20 academic year, delegates are also invited to opt-in to additional ‘Priority Focus’ twilight. These run parallel to the network days over the year; themes identified in the main network sessions allow subject leaders to join a ‘theme track’ that best suits their school needs. They will be given structured support and guidance to achieve sustainable chance, as well as the opportunity to build links and collaborate with other leaders with a shared focus.

Our 2019-2020 Year English Networks - please click for details and booking

03/10/2019 Day 1 Primary English Professional Network  Norwich
12/03/2020 Day 2 Primary English Professional Network  Norwich
02/07/2020 Day 3 Primary English Professional Network  Norwich


04/10/2019 Day 1 Primary English Professional Network  Kings Lynn
06/03/2020 Day 2 Primary English Professional Network  Kings Lynn
03/07/2020 Day 3 Primary English Professional Network   Kings Lynn


13/11/2019 Day 1 Primary English Professional Network  Norwich
11/03/2020 Day 2 Primary English Professional Network   Norwich
01/07/2020 Day 3 Primary English Professional Network  Norwich


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