Finance Courses for LA Maintained Schools

We deliver finance training to maintained schools in line with the Local Authorities Risk Management plan. All courses for maintained schools are at no additional cost based on one of the Core Services (Enhanced or Standard Support) being purchased, unless otherwise stated.

Financial training on offer includes:


Finance Staff Programme

This programme has beeen specifically designed to provide Finance Staff and Business Managers with the financial skills needed to effectively operate and manage finances within LA Maintained Schools.

Courses are a mixture of tutor-led and eLearning and split between Core Skills, Budgeting Skills, Further Skills and Refreshers to make it easy to identify a course that will meet your training needs.

We also offer a comprehensive Finance Inducation Programme to ensure new Finance Staff can quickly learn the skills needed for their new role.

A list of all courses and further information can be found in the Finance Staff brochure towards the bottom of this page.

Headteachers Programme

This training programme aims to provide school leaders with the financial skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage finances within schools. Courses in this programme are ideal for new and existing Headteachers, Deputies and aspiring Leaders.

The courses in this programme contain a mixture of both tutor-led and eLearning courses covering important financial topics including budgeting, monitoring, reporting, protecting public money and value for money.

A list of all courses and further information can be found in the Headteachers brochure towards the bottom of this page.

Governors Programme

We offer a wide range of both tutor-led and eLearning courses designed for Governors to help them understand how school finances work and their responsibilities towards strategic financial management.

All courses in this programme are built in accordance with the requirements of the Schools Financial Value Standard. This means that as well as learning about a particular area of finance, Governors will also gain a practical understanding of the evidence that would provide assurance that their school is financially well managed.

A list of all courses and further information can be found in the Governors brochure towards the bottom of this page.

Finance in Education Qualification

Our professional Finance in Education Qualifications offer an ideal way for finance staff to develop the skills and knowledge needed to administer and manage finances needed within schools and academies.

Please see the Qualifications page for further information.


All finance training schools undertake is linked to the RAG Matrix of risk management used by the authority as an indicator of financial management in schools.

For all your Finance and Business Services enquiries please contact our designated Finance helpline number 01603 307758.

Learning Hub

Our customers can also make use of Learning Hub to access an extensive range of finance eLearning modules and a wide range of additional material to help support learning.

To access Learning Hub for the first time you will simply need to complete a short self-registration form and submit it for our approval. Access to Learning Hub is given exclusively to schools and academies that have purchased a Finance Support Package so we just need to check your application first. Once your application has been approved you will receive an email with all the information you need to access the site.

Learning Hub:


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