Finance Qualification Additional Study Units

There are 6 additional training units which can be purchased after completing the Bookeeping in Education course and they all comprise and count towards the full Administering Finance in Education qualification.

All of these 6 units are included if the full qualification is purchased for £1250 or they can be purchased separately in one go for £900. 

All of the 6 units are specifically designed for application in educational establishments.

Cost for purchasing the 6 units is £900.

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How to extract costing data and perform calculations to provide essential information used to inform
decision-making processes.

How to obtain value for money using the procurement cycle when purchasing goods and services in
educational establishments.

Preparing Financial Accounts
How to account for fixed assets and make end of year adjustments to the financial accounts.

How to account for VAT in order to comply with legislation and how to perform the calculations needed to complete a VAT return.

Internal Control Systems
How to identify typical internal controls that are implemented to protect educational establishments
against financial fraud.

How to set a well-informed, balanced budget and identify variances between budgeted and
actual figures.    

Online Learning Package

Using the experience of our professional training team, we have developed a comprehensive online learning package to help you quickly gain the knowledge and skills required to pass all 6 units.

Each unit is published on the Regulated Qualification Framework and provides practical, real-world accounting and finance knowledge that you can put to use from day one.

Entry Requirements
There are no entry requirements to take this qualification. Level 2 is suitable for people with GCSEs and those already working in a finance role within an educational establishment.

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