Star Budget Planner

The budget planning software developed for the education sector by school finance specialists with over 20 years experience:

  • Works as a stand-alone budgeting toolkit or fully integrated with Star Academy accounting platform
  • Available for Local Authority schools, Single Academy Trusts and Multi-Academy Trusts
  • Enables detailed income and expenditure planning over three years
  • Cloud-based – available any time and anywhere
  • Cost-effective – from £37.50 per month

Developed as a result of collaboration with school and academy stakeholders, Star Budget Planner is a fully-functional, cloud-based budgeting platform that saves you the time of creating, maintaining and updating your own budget spreadsheets.

Star Budget Planner enables you to plan your staffing costs, pupil led data and other income and expenditure scenarios over a three-year period.

The Star Budget Planner is included within the full Star Academy accounting and budgeting platform find out more here.

Find out more and download the brochure here

Budget Planner features:

  • GAG statement or Budget Share input that allows pupil number forecasting over three years
  • Manage your staff costs with local and nationally applied pay data to ensure complete accuracy of calculations
  • Staff costs calculated for teachers and support staff taking account of FTE, hours, multiple contracts, pension, NI increments and allowances
  • Staffing reports that show costs over a three-year period with increments and inflation included
  • Comprehensive reports that identify your income and expenditure, staffing and pupil data
  • Flexibility to create different staffing situations for the “what if” scenarios
  • Technical and operational helpline support provided by the developers and users of the system
  • A comprehensive web portal currently in development - available from spring 2021. 

 “From demonstration to installation we have been given excellent, friendly, timely support by the Educator Solutions team. The Budget Planner is unique, being simple to use and easy to understand. Using the Educator Solutions Budget Planner I feel confident that I can carry out financial monitoring using up-to-date figures.”

Academy Finance Manager

To find out more and for all your Finance and Business Services enquiries please contact our designated Finance helpline number 01603 307758.


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