Leadership and Management

Governance and Leadership provides the framework for delivering outstanding education and driving up pupil and student performance.

School Improvement Planning

The school improvement plan is an essential tool to bring about change and identifying when is the right time to write a school improvement plan and who to involve is vital to its success


Governing boards have a significant degree of autonomy in our increasingly school-led system; they play a vital role in ensuring the best possible education that takes every child as far as their talents allow

Vision, Ethos and Culture

Strategic leaders should set and champion the vision, ethos and strategy through communication, clear future plans and promoting shared common culture

Finance - Leadership and Management

One of the board’s core functions is to oversee financial performance and make sure money is well spent

Planning Effective CPD&L

Regular skills audits are important, aligned to the organisation’s strategic, improvement plans and performance management objectives, to inform a planned cycle of continuous professional development (CPD) activity

Performance Management

The process of appraising the performance of the headteacher and staff, assessing their performance of their role and responsibilities against the relevant standards and their objectives is a crucial factor in school improvement


There is a duty on boards and school staff to have arrangements in place to ensure that they carry out their functions with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and have regard to the statutory guidance issued by the Secretary of State in considering what arrangements they need to make

Stakeholder Engagement

Good decision making should be informed by both available evidence of what works or is likely to be effective, and by the views and needs of key stakeholders

Middle Leadership

There are several primary functions middles leaders must have, supported through rigorous procedures to manage them effectively


The organisation must have access to objective, high quality and timely data if it is to create accountability and know the questions that need to be asked of executive leaders and staff

Statutory Assessment

There are a number of statutory assessments at key points during a pupil’s educational journey

Self Evaluation

Self-evaluation is an important ongoing aspect of management to monitor and improve the quality and impact of leadership, including governance and the education of pupils

SMSC Development

SMSC education forms an important part of a broad and balanced curriculum, and children and young people should be provided with an engaging variety of cultural experiences throughout their time at school

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