Head teachers, proprietors and governing bodies must ensure they have a strong behaviour policy to support staff in managing behaviour, including the use of rewards and sanctions.

  • A clear school behaviour policy, consistently and fairly applied, underpins effective education. School staff, pupils and parents should all be clear of the high standards of behaviour expected of all pupils at all times. The behaviour policy should be supported and backed-up by senior staff and the head teacher
  • Behaviour is context driven and the behaviour policy should link into other key policies such as the teaching and learning policy and the curriculum policy which clearly identify how all aspects of school life will promote positive behaviours
  • Good schools encourage good behaviour through a mixture of high expectations, clear policy and an ethos which fosters discipline and mutual respect between pupils, and between staff and pupils
  • Schools should have in place a range of options and rewards to reinforce and praise good behaviour, and clear sanctions for those who do not comply with the school’s behaviour policy. These will be proportionate and fair responses that may vary according to the age of the pupils, and any other special circumstances that affect the pupil
  • When poor behaviour is identified, sanctions should be implemented consistently and fairly in line with the behaviour policy. Good schools will have a range of disciplinary measures clearly communicated to school staff, pupils and parents.

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