Educational Visits Training

Supporting you to broaden horizons and raise aspirations of young people.  

Our Educational Visit Adviser Service meets the DfE educational visits health and safety guidance and provides for you: 

Advice and support on all aspects of the educational visits. Our specialist educational visitor adviser Graham Lodge provides personalised advice and support (telephone, e-mail or meetings) on all aspects of the educational visits process to the schools Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC).

We will set-up your access to the EVOLVE online planning system ( for educational visits, with notification with approval procedures for specific visit types, to check that arrangements reflect national guidance and current good practice. Access will be specific to your establishment with with a full range of user accounts for school staff, EVC, headteacher and a 'read only' access for school governors.The management of your own accounts and system access will be handed over to your Educational Visits Coordinator.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist courses for Educational Visit Co-ordinators.

  • Additionally Graham Lodge will be happy to provide, upon request, bespoke educational visits and training courses at schools or cluster locations. 

Courses are available for booking online here

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