Developing and leading STEM in a Primary School

29th August, 2017

STEM is launching it brand new Level 3 accredited qualification Developing and leading STEM in a Primary School. The qualification will allow candidates to coordinate STEM within their school with the guidance of the STEM professionals and expertise.

The outcomes of the qualification for each learner are;

  1. Understand the importance of the STEM approach to learning in the primary phase
  2. Provide leadership in relation to STEM in a primary school
  3. Plan and set targets for STEM for a primary school
  4. Develop and manage resources effectively for STEM in a primary school
  5. Set up STEM enrichment opportunities within a primary school
  6. Manage CPD of staff delivering STEM in a primary school.

Each learning objective will be explored, giving the candidate a wealth of knowledge and understanding in each objective. This is a national qualification, portfolio of evidence is  built up over the duration of the programme with support, guidance and templates.

The course consists of a blend of online and tutored days, totalling 60 learning hours. The qualification will be starting in February 2018 and concluding in December 2018.

The qualification cost £1600.

If you are interested please register your interest and details below and we will keep you up-date with developments and opportunities as they arise.

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