Finance in Education Qualifications

With the increasing pressure to provide value for money in a fast-paced environment it is more important than ever for finance professionals working within educational establishments to further develop their business, finance and accountancy skills to support the achievement of educational goals.

To support this, we offer a suite of professional qualifications that aim to provide finance staff and business managers with the skills and knowledge needed to administer, manage and lead finances within schools, academies, multi-academy trusts and free schools.

The Finance in Education Qualification is made up of three qualifications across three levels:

Administering Finance in Education
Level 3 Qualification
Master day-to-day accountancy processes whilst making a significant contribution towards the achievement of your establishment's educational goals. View level 3 details.
Managing Finance in Education
Level 4 Qualification
Gain detailed finance and accountancy knowledge to enable you to effectively manage finance in educational establishments. View level 4 details.
Leading Finance in Education
Level 5 Qualification
Gain strategic finance and accountancy knowledge to enable you to lead finance in educational establishments. View level 5 details.

Each qualification is published on the Ofqual Regulated Qualification Framework and provides practical, real-world accounting and finance knowledge that you can put to use from day one.  With a Finance in Education qualification on your CV, you will demonstrate a level of excellence sought after by educational establishments across the UK.

Full booking details for Level 4 Managing Finance in Education are available here.

Your Finance and Business Skills Analysis 

We have developed a skills questionnaire that highlights the finance and business skills needed by operational finance professionals, this quick test helps you identify training and development needs. Please download to test your skills and knowledge today. 






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