Formula Goblin CPD

IET Formula Goblin is a project designed for schools which inspires children to get hands on with engineering, technology and science in a stimulating and contextual learning experience.

This Formula Goblin CPD course enables you and your school to deliver Formula Goblin project in your own school to get the most out the experience!

The first half of the full day's training will be all about building and trouble shooting problems that may arise, as well as learning about tools, instructions and ‘handy hints’.  

In the afternoon delegates will be exploring different models for enhancing the curriculum using case studies from participating schools. The session will include guidance around best practice and practical examples of mapping Formula Goblins to the National Curriculum. Practical aspects such as driver training, portfolios and format of events will also be discussed.

Based on the days learning and insight from case studies delegates will have a chance to start planning Formula Goblins in your school(s) and discussing your ideas.

  • Dates: To be confirmed or please contact us should you have a date in mind. 
  • Cost: £165 per Delegate

Booking: or Call 01603 307715

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