HR InfoSpace replaces Schools PeopleNet

27th April, 2017

The Schools PeopleNet website has this week been replaced by HR InfoSpace. Schools PeopleNet was provided as a resource for customers of the traded HR service and/ or Health, Safety and Well-being team but the new site improves both appearance and functionality in addition to introducing password protection.

HR InfoSpace provides the same broad range of model HR policies, procedures, employee schemes and written guidance, together with Health and Safety codes and guidance that Schools PeopleNet did.  However, the new site includes a number of new features to improve the user experience including menu and search navigation, a personalised homepage including ‘favourites’, helpful links, newsletters and proactive e-mail alerts when changes are made.

Headteachers/Principals (or other nominated individuals) whose establishments use the services of Educator Solutions HR and/or NCC Health, Safety and Well-being team, have this week been issued with account details and passwords so they can access the site.  The individual identified as the main account holder for the establishment has the ability to set up other accounts.  Guidance has been issued to support the process of setting up accounts.

Take a tour of the new online service here or access the website

If any customer school or academy has difficulty accessing the site, they should contact HR Advice and Support at or on 01603 307760 for assistance.  The same contact details can be used for any establishment wishing to enquire about options and pricing for HR and/or Health and Safety services.


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