Essential Management and Business Skills - Business

Our Essential Management and Business Skills programme has been developed with school based staff in mind, offering a wide  range of essential training courses that will enable your staff to maximise their potential by gaining and refining their management and  business skills. The courses are suitable for existing managers as a skills refresher and emerging leaders to support their progression. Our training offers a range of courses related to business skills, management of people and financial management.

Workload Management
How to employ a range of tools and techniques to successfully juggle a demanding workload. More and more people struggle with demanding workloads that can lead to stress and the loss of a healthy work-life balance. For many the increasing  pressures of educational accountability have further blurred the lines between home and work.
Introduction to Management and Leadership

Developing your leadership skills to drive effective team results. Understand common motivators and demotivators in the workplace and how to develop your management and leadership approach to develop a team to achieve their objectives. 


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