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Our Essential Management and Business Skills programme has been developed with school based staff in mind, offering a wide  range of essential training courses that will enable your staff to maximise their potential by gaining and refining their management and  business skills. The courses are suitable for existing managers as a skills refresher and emerging leaders to support their progression. Our training offers a range of courses related to business skills, management of people and financial management.

Managing Effective Meetings
Facilitate concise, meaningful and business-like meetings. Ineffective meetings can feel like a waste of time. Well managed meetings can enable a team to effectively communicate to get a task done successfully and professionally.
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Workload Management
How to employ a range of tools and techniques to successfully juggle a demanding workload. More and more people struggle with demanding workloads that can lead to stress and the loss of a healthy work-life balance. For many the increasing  pressures of educational accountability have further blurred the lines between home and work.
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Presentation Skills
Make an impact, engage with your audience with clarity and confidence. Many people feel nervous about the prospect of speaking in public; by attending this training session delegates will improve their ability to deliver high impact presentations that are both polished and engaging.
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Introduction to Managing Change and Projects
Strategies to implement change smoothly and successfully manage a project. Some change and transformation projects within schools fail to fully hit their objectives due to lack of planning, scoping, changing priorities, budget cuts or resources. Effective management of change can lead to significant positive outcomes.
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Excellence in Customer Service and Managing Complaints
Create and maintain a school environment that has outstanding service at its heart. Giving great customer service and appropriately managing complaints is all about having the right attitude, doing and saying the right things and being focussed.
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Report Writing
Build essential skills to write with clarity and impact. Write a broad range of high-impact, well-structured and engaging reports in plain English. This session is relevant for anyone who writes all types of reports.
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