Essential Management and Business Skills - Finance

Our Essential Management and Business Skills programme has been developed with school based staff in mind, offering a wide range of essential training courses that will enable your staff to maximise their potential by gaining and refining their management and business skills. The courses are suitable for existing managers as a skills refresher and emerging leaders to support their progression. Our training offers a range of courses related to business skills, management of people and financial management.

Income Generation
Generating additional income for your setting. Raising addtional income is essential in enhancing and widening the educational opportunities available to pupils. 
Fighting Financial Fraud
Raising awareness, identifying risks and implementing controls. An insight into raising awareness of potential fraud and the methods you could utilise to ultimately eradicate the daily business threat.
Budgeting Setting
Sound financial management to deliver educational outcomes. How a robust and substantive budget is the foundation of sound financial management. 
Costing Development Plans and Initiatives
Manage your financial plans and initiatives to support educational performance. Turning aspirations and development plans into reality relies on accurate and legitimate costing. This course is essential for leaders.
Effective Budget Monitoring
Manage and control your budget effectively to drive school improvement. Keeping control of the budget is an important aspect of successful financial management. When done effectively, it empowers leaders and managers to achieve value for money and make well-informed business decisions.

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