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Educator Solutions Star for Academies

Star for academies is a bespoke system which has been developed by the Finance & Business Services Accounting Software Support Team. It has the benefit of being a fully functional accounting and budgeting suite, whilst retaining the familiarity and user friendliness favoured by school staff and leaders. It has been developed in collaboration with our network group that has representation from academy finance staff and accountants, giving you piece of mind that the software has been designed for the education sector. Ongoing telephone support is included in the package plus an array of e-learning courses and tutor led training sessions. The procurement of on-site visit support can be purchased at an additional cost.

Educator Solutions Budget Planner Software

The budget planner has been designed to work across a variety of different academy settings; stand-alone academies, academies reporting to a multi-academy trust, trust consolidation and also where an academy may be running multiple sites within one environment. Some of the features include; One staff forecast for both teachers and support staff, automatic calculation of on-cost rates, pupil forecaster, budgeting at both nominal and cost centre level, EFA top 10 planning checks data. Those that purchase star for academies the budget planner will fully integrate allowing details to be imported from the accounting software and budgets to be exported to star accounts. For those that don't purchase star for academies the software can still be fully utilised and has the ability to set-up the chart of accounts structure, pay structure by either manual intervention or via excel imports. Ongoing telephone support is included in the package.

Educator Solutions Dinner Money Database

We are very pleased to be able to offer a toolkit that allows for the full administration of school meals, including the Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM). The database is a comprehensive toolkit that allows for the tracking of school meals, includes a debtors system and has the facility for uploads from cashless systems e.g. ParentPay. Ongoing telephone support is included in the package.

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