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Working in partnership with schools we create bespoke educational programmes with a range of practical, adventurous activities on  either water or land. These activities introduce new skills, promote the benefits of physical exercise and are an excellent way to boost confidence and self-esteem. 

Programmes can also be used to develop leadership and communication skills. Cross curricular activities are available that combine a variety of environments and learning activities, and enhance the curriculum in areas such as geography and science.

Whitlingham Adventure is the ideal venue for young people to complete sections across all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh award and is a Children’s University Learning Destination. Whitlingham Broad campsite is available within the Country Park for school expedition training.

All activities delivered at Whitlingham Adventure comply with the relevant National Governing Body (NGB) and with the Adventurous Activity Licensing Authority (AALA). Safety is paramount and our experienced and qualified instructors ensure that all our activities are delivered safely whilst enabling young people to have fun, explore and learn through adventure and challenge.

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