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Our Essential Management and Business Skills programme has been developed with school based staff in mind, offering a wide range of essential training courses that will enable your staff to maximise their potential by gaining and refining their management and business skills. The courses are suitable for existing managers as a skills refresher and emerging leaders to support their progression. Our training offers a range of courses related to business skills, management of people and financial management.

Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection
Effective recruitment to employ the right candidate. Implement an effective recruitment process that encourages informed and objective decision making and selection of the most suitable candidate. The impact of recruiting an unsuitable candidate is significant and the often hidden costs of dealing with poor performance and then having to re-recruit can have a debilitating effect on a school.
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Safer Recruitment (Accredited)
Safer recruitment processes of staff to ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils. Every interview panel for staff must include someone who has been accredited in safer recruitment.
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Equality and Diversity
Building an inclusive environment and culture. Create an approach within your school that meets legal and legislative requirements whilst adopting and embracing a broader equality and diverse culture.
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Safer Culture
Understand the need for a safer culture in schools and education settings and how to make this a reality. Children in institutional settings are not only at risk from adults who are inclined to abuse, but also from adults who either fail to notice abuse or fail to report it.
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Conducting Appraisals
Effective appraisals to improve performance. Successful schools have strong leaders and managers who rive improvement. Line managers and team leaders who use a robust appraisal process can effectively improve performance, motivation and behaviour of their staff.
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Mobilising, Motivating and Developing a Team
Improve morale and teamwork to meet outcomes. Understand common motivators and demotivators in the workplace and how to create and maintain a high performing team that works capably, harmoniously and successfully achieves objectives.
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Get your message across effectively to a range of stakeholders. Learn how to thrive in a school environment with effective verbal communication skills. Excellence in this area is pivotal to get the most from individuals and your organisation.
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Challenging Conversations
Feel confident to discuss difficult topics through negotiation and influence. Take the heat out of those awkward discussions about behaviour, complaints, results or actions to give helpful conclusions.
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Personal Resilience and Wellbeing
Strengthening your personal resilience to improve personal wellbeing in the workplace. How we handle stress at work can have an impact on our personal success. As change in the workplace has become the norm, we are constantly facing new and bigger challenges. Often things do not go according to plan and our ability to recover is challenged.
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Managing Sickness Absence
Building on your personal effectiveness to support absent team members within the expectations of the workplace. How to manage short and long term absence following established procedures. It is essential for managers to spot the signs when staff may be at risk of going off sick, or when short term absence may develop into something longer term.
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The Capability Process – Managing Poor Performance
How to address capability issues following established procedures and employment law. Designed specifically for the education sector, this session helps to assess the levels of performance that warrant moving into a capability process and explains how to manage and implement that process effectively and in line with legislation and procedures. The course will help you identify and tackle performance issues.
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Allegations of Misconduct
Allegations of misconduct and disciplinary situations, following established procedures. It is vitally important for all managers to understand and follow the protocols for dealing with allegations of misconduct.
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