Headteacher Recruitment Support Package

Package outlined
The appointment of a new leader is potentially the most significant single activity a governing board will undertake. This package provides a good balance of advice and support to allow the recruiting body to personalise their requirements, design a process and then undertake selection, knowing they have specialists guiding them throughout.

The package will deliver:

  • A qualified and experienced HR Consultant as Recruitment Support Lead to guide throughout the recruitment and selection process
  • A serving leader from a good or outstanding school (or appropriately experienced adviser) to provide professional support and challenge through the selection process
  • Access to a detailed toolkit containing outline process, written resources, examples of selection activities and sample programmes
  • Support with recruitment advertising plus space on the Educator Solutions jobs board
  • Management of applications through a candidate management system
  • Guidance and support on compliance with regulations and safer recruitment statutory guidance.

We are happy to consider bespoke arrangements for organisations wishing to access less than the full package.

Please contact the HR Advice and Support Team on 01603 307760 or hrenquiry@educatorsolutions.org.uk to discuss your requirements.


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