Ashden Less CO2

The Ashden Less CO2 Project invites school leaders, teachers and management teams to learn from both experts and award-winning sustainable schools, to save on energy costs. On average, schools who take part in the programme save 14% on their energy bill in their first year.

This project is FREE to all schools.

In order to bring the Less CO2 programme to the area, STEM at Educator Solutions is working with Ashden to bring together a cluster of schools for the academic year 2019-2020.

The project is divided into four half day workshops, looking at energy usage data, inspiring students and staff to change their behaviours, exploring energy topics in the curriculum and evaluating the success of the programme. 

Workshop Programme

Workshop 1

  • Become inspired by what Ashden Award winning schools have achieved.
  • Meet the other schools in your cluster.
  • Discuss where schools are now and build a plan and checklist for the next 3 months. Discover some quick wins.
  • Start collecting energy use data.
  • This workshop has a buildings focus.

Workshop 2

  • Set energy reduction targets.
  • Get inspired about student and staff involvement in management and behaviour change.
  • Progress updates from schools since the last workshop.
  • Build on the action plans.
  • Commit to future actions.
  • This workshop focuses on engagement with staff and students.

Workshop 3

  • Explore energy topics in the curriculum.
  • Developing lesson plans with a sustainability focus.
  • Focus on making the work sustainable within a school environment.
  • Progress updates from schools since the last workshop.
  • This is the curriculum workshop and is led by our expert adviser.

Workshop 4

  • Evaluate and celebrate schools’ successes.
  • Present to the group the successes at their school.
  • Guest speaker – chosen by group.
  • Explore opportunities for working together in the future.

Energy audit for school sites (optional)

  • Understand and assess what could be done to save carbon in the school through technology and behaviour changes.  
  • 2-hour energy audit of each school – providing short, medium and long-term opportunities for improvement. Written report.
  • Bespoke audits for specific energy management issues are also available.

The Less CO2 project is coming to Norfolk, please register for interest now for 2019-2020 academic year. Please note this project is limited to a maximum of 15 schools. To avoid disappointment please register your interest as soon as possible.

To find out more please visit the website and register your interest here.

Download the Less CO2 Flyer here.

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