Financial Toolkits

Educator Solutions Dinner Money Database

We are very pleased to be able to offer a toolkit that allows for the full administration of school meals, including the Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM) initiative.

The Dinner Monies Database is a comprehensive toolkit that allows for the tracking of school meals, includes a debtors system and has the facility for uploads from cashless systems e.g. ParentPay.

Please note ongoing telephone support is included in the purchase price, plus on-site visits as required from either within a package of support days procured, or following the purchase of additional days.

Educator Solutions Sickness Insurance Database

The system which allows schools to manage their sickness absence making use of the mutual sickness scheme operated by Educator Solutions. 

It will hold a list of all staff linked to Star Accounts and enable claims to be requested based on the service level purchased by your setting. It links directly to the individual claims and can calculate each claim payable by the length and type of absence, giving reports for school leaders and governors as may be required.

It is fully supported by the Helpline option and built by our in house systems team specifically for ease of use by educational establishments.

Educator Solutions Asset Register Module

This is a unique and additional module within the Star Accounts software. It allows educational establishments to complete and update their asset register. It links directly with the ordering process and can be updated from an inventory schedule on an annual basis. It includes the disposal and depreciation of assets giving the detail required to accountants when required.  

The detail it captures meets the requirements of the financial statements, and in addition pictures of rooms and locations can be added which supports process in case of any insurance claim.

Please note this is an additional module which will need to be procured on setup and as an annual subscription service.

For all your Finance and Business Services enquiries please contact our designated Finance helpline number 01603 307758.

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