Re-thinking PE

If you are looking to consider, develop and improve your PE provision this course is for you.

Through considering the purpose and characteristics of high-quality PE, you will leave enabled to establish the vision for PE in your school and articulate the reasons underpinning curriculum choices. Support materials will allow you to map your curriculum provision back in school and establish whether the way PE content is organised meets your vision.

Using realPE as a practical model, you will discover how developing a more holistic approach to PE can improve provision and help ensure your wider curriculum aims of a quality learning experiences in all subjects can be achieved.


  • Leave with the knowledge and tools to establish whether your PE provision supports your curriculum aims
  • Be able to articulate the reasons underpinning curriculum choices in PE and the impact of these choices
  • Know how to develop and improve provision through considering a more holistic approach to teaching PE

Leave equipped to review, map, articulate and re-think your school’s PE curriculum.

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