Norfolk Steps

The Norfolk Steps team provides training and consultancy for schools and services to support early intervention and manage complex or challenging behaviour. Our specialist team has extensive SEN and Inclusion experience and an established reputation for providing inspirational training and knowledgeable, supportive consultancy.

Norfolk Steps is the central hub of expertise for all aspects of physical intervention, including restrictive physical intervention/ restraint.

'Step on'

Step On provides a foundation knowledge in understanding and responding to behaviour within settings. The course explores a therapeutic model for understanding and responding to both pro social and anti social behaviours. In addition, the course will look at law and guidance relevant to physical intervention within settings, providing advice on the safe and effective use of everyday physical interventions. Our aims are to:

  • develop shared values,
  • promote a therapeutic understanding of behaviour,
  • develop skills in communication, diversion and de-escalation strategies,
  • develop a consistent approach to everyday physical interventions,
  • introduce risk mangement documentation,
  • introduce law and guidance in the area of restrictive physical intervention,
  • introduce skills for working with young people post incident.

'Step up'

Step Up provides a range of the most commonly used personal safety and restrictive physical interventions relevant to services supporting children and young adults. Our aims are to:

  • revisit a therapeutic approach to caring for a child or young adult in crisis,
  • develop a range of personal safety and physical intervention principles,
  • explore risk reduction of physical interventions.

Access to Step Up training is limited to those who hold a current Step On certificate and who work in a setting with an audited need for restrictive physical intervention.

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